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Charity Across The World

Charity Across The World

Christmas 2017 saw two very different charitable projects, both with the aim of improving the lives of adults and children, receive help from TerraCottem.  
The projects were a children’s park in Westlake, Cape Town, South Africa and the ‘Bi- Ventiel’ forest in Kruishoutem in Belgium.  The Ventiel charity was set up to enrich the life of people with young-onset dementia, including their families and friends. 

Local companies for both projects were supplied with all the necessary materials to plant trees and shrubs.  One was under a scorching sun in a bone dry soil, suffering one of the most severe droughts in 100 years. The other location couldn’t have been more different as it was under heavy clouds in a moist soil, with the least number of hours of sunshine in December for nearly a decade.  
Both charities wanted to secure a beautiful green space for people with challenging life conditions, an environment in which to relax and enjoy their free time. The faster they achieved this result the better for all.  
In Cape Town a number of SALI (South African Landscapers Institute) members donated plants, ground cover, trees, wood chip bark and soil conditioner to create some shade for the Westlake kids. These children come from the nearby day care centre and crèche and play in this run down community park.  TerraCottem’s role was to give the 100 shrubs and 15 trees, planted under the leadership of Norah de Wet, the SALI National Chairperson, a fighting chance to survive! 
At the same time, in rainy Belgium, Ventiel launched the planting of hundreds of trees and shrubs, the Bi-Ventiel forest, during  the ‘Warmest Week’, a nation-wide event organised by radio channel Studio Brussel. The event is where thousands of organisations and groups of people across the country organise activities to collect money for their charity.  
The results to date have been encouraging and TerraCottem was delighted to play its small part in supporting these two worthy charities.

Throughout our jubilee year, we will be sharing each one of our 25 client stories with you online.

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