We aren’t recruiting at the moment.

Yet, TerraCottem BV is continuously sowing seeds for the future. Do you have an affinity towards the horticulture or landscaping trade and can you see yourself working in this family business? Then feel free to leave your application below.

Don't forget to mention what added value you can bring to us!

Who are we?

TerraCottem BV has been producing and marketing the TerraCottem soil conditioners since 1993 and is active in more than 40 markets.

The offices and production unit of TerraCottem BV are located in Oeselgem, Belgium along the river Lys, on the border between East and West Flanders. Our international sales office is located in Benalup, in the south of Spain.

There is an informal working atmosphere within the organisation. This is reflected in a flat organisational structure with short lines of communication. We aim for long-term cooperation in which we grow and develop together. Personal development is also important within TerraCottem.

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