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Every Picture Tells A Story

Every Picture Tells A Story

The Institute for Mediterranean and Subtropical Horticulture ‘La Mayora’ in Malaga, Spain ran some trials on tomato seedbeds in vermiculite and perlite substrates, both ameliorated with TerraCottem.

Dr María Remedios Romero Aranda, Plant Physiologist at the Plant Breeding and Biotechnology department explains: “The nutrition and development of plants can be perfectly controlled in these inert substrates, however over time they become compacted and loose aeration and water retention capacity. That's why we wanted to test the behaviour of TerraCottem on these substrates.” 
The addition of TerraCottem resulted in a rise of the water retention capacity in both the perlite and vermiculite substrate. There was also an increase in biomass production in both substrates and this was for both the under ground (roots) and the above ground growth (leaves and stem).
Personally I was keen to see if the root hairs would penetrate inside the polymers contained in TerraCottem. The pictures I took with my microscope of the tomato root hairs speak volumes.” 

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