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Everyone Is A Winner

More than 15 years ago, Pokon Naturado, market leader in consumer potting soil in the Netherlands, started incorporating TerraCottem in some of its high- end potting soils. In particular it included TerraCottem in soils for outdoor use and balconies. The reason was obvious – to increase the potting soil’s water retention capacity for applications in drier environments and subject to higher temperatures. Over the years the range of potting soils enriched with TerraCottem has expanded and includes: indoor plants, Mediterranean plants, and as an additive for tree and shrub planting.  
Ben Scheer, Innovation & Business Development Manager at Pokon Naturado commented: “Our marketing strategy to the garden centres has consistently been to upsell from regular to high-end potting mixes through advertising in trade magazines, offers to the retailers, and promotions to the consumers both instore and on national TV. Thanks to our consistent marketing approach we have highlighted the benefits and return on investment offered by TerraCottem to the end user. Our potting soils give them better growth results and healthier and more drought resistant plants. So happy customers become TerraCottem ambassadors. A win-win situation.
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