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Our company has moved to a new address

Our company has moved to a new address

The increase in sales and diversity in products made our current locations in Belgium too small. Therefore, we have decided to move both the offices and the production> to new and bigger premises some 20 km away. 
We are happy to inform you that since monday the offices are open for business on the new address:
Brugstraat 14A
8720 Oeselgem (Dentergem)

In a few weeks, during our Summer months which is a quieter time for us, we will move our factory to this same new location too. Additionally, production, administration and sales will all be under one roof at the new address. 

The most time consuming job is the dismantling, reassembling and test production runs of our production unit for which we count 6 weeks.  This will be followed by the annual Summer holidays from Monday 22 July until 12 August 2019.  
This means that from 6 June until 12 August we will not be able to produce anything.  
The offices in Spain remain the same.  
We are very excited about this move as the new location will help us further improve our client service.  

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