First online symposium “Forestation in drylands"

23/10/2020 - 16:04

TerraCottem has been approached by the Desert Leaves Foundation to participate at their first online symposium “Forestation in drylands”.

The symposium takes place on Tuesday 27 October from 09.00 am until 13.00 am CET.

Desert Leaves’ mission is to increase and disseminate knowledge about forests and forestation in dryland regions, to connect and support people and organizations around the globe that are involved in dryland afforestation and forest preservation, and thus to support initiatives that pursuit the growth of sustainable forests in drylands.

The online event is co-organised with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Professor Antonio Campo from the Valencia University will talk about “addressing the roots of plantation failure”. His name might ring a bell as he has done a study on TerraCottem in 2007.

The subject matter is in line with our mission statement

Drylands have been a reality for several of you. And for others it is becoming one due to climate change. That’s why we accepted their request to share their invitation with you. The speakers represent the 5 continents and all subjects are interesting. The talks of these two speakers will be the most compelling ones for the TerraCottem audience:

  • Prof Campo (10:25 CET) from the Valencia University about “addressing the roots of plantation failure”.
  • Kent Broad (11:25 CET) from Western Australia on “reforestation in Western Australia and carbon certificates”.

If you would like to join,

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