Water scarcity is a hot topic across the world

21/03/2022 - 16:54

World Water Day, is held on 22 March every year since 1993.

Water conservation is a big issue and of major concern. Turning on the tap and pouring yourself a glass of water, taking a shower, or washing your clothes... These are all everyday gestures in developed countries. But what if one day we can no longer do it so easily? Since the beginning of the century, world organisations have been warning that most of the world's population will be subject to a water shortage in a few years' time, due to population growth, but above all to global warming, which is disrupting the water cycle.

The TerraCottem company was a pioneer in 1993 by addressing this issue when it was only of concern in certain regions of the globe. It now affects everyone.

Each TerraCottem soil conditioner helps to save substantial amounts of water in gardens and parks by reducing both the frequency of water required to maintain healthy plant growth.

TerraCottem has been awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark after completing an application process with proven water-saving results.

How? Very simple: by mixing a small quantity of TerraCottem with the soil when planting. One application in the plant’s lifespan covers a minimum of 8 years of water saving action, making TerraCottem a long-term investment for the success of your planting projects.

And how does TerraCottem actually save water? On the one hand the growth precursors, TerraCottem’s trade secret, present in the soil conditioners, enhance root growth helping plants to establish faster, to develop a bigger root system, thus, to find residual water faster. On the other hand, TerraCottem’s crosslinked hydroabsorbant polymers absorb and store water at root level that is normally lost to evaporation and leaching, optimising water resources and reducing the volume and frequency of necessary irrigation up to 50%. The stored water is kept at the disposal of the plant that accesses the water on demand through its root hairs, keeping the water in the root zone for a longer period of time.

For almost 30 years, TerraCottem has been helping professionals to achieve successful landscaping projects while reducing water consumption.
The Smart Approved Watermark is proof of TerraCottem's water-saving benefits.

Smart Approved WaterMark certify water efficient products and services in Australia and Europe.

Water scarcity is a hot topic across the world