Bulk mixing TerraCottem or working it in during the actual planting.

05/04/2022 - 10:04

Whether you are using TerraCottem soil conditioner for a new lawn, in tree or shrub planting, in flower beds or with growing medium for container plants, there is a choice to be made. 

Either you incorporate TerraCottem with the soil while planting or seeding. For example mixing TerraCottem with the soil of the plant hole or spreading it out and rotovating it into the soil prior to seeding.

Or you mix TerraCottem with the soil or growing medium in bulk, so that you can plant or seed straight away with this TC soil-mixture. The bulk mixing can be done on site or off site. This bulk mixing of TerraCottem is common for growing media; for use in containers and hanging baskets by local councils. It is also done for custom blended soils for tree and shrub planting.

In this video TerraCottem is bulk mixed with potting soil for annuals in containers and flower towers.

This is a video about bulk mixing TerraCottem with growing medium for tree planting.

Bulk mixing TerraCottem or applying it during the actual planting, is a matter of preference, work procedures and the tools you have at your disposal.

The mixing in bulk can be done with all TerraCottem soil conditioners.

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