Is your garden ready for long-lasting drought and irregular rainfall?

05/05/2022 - 10:50

Due to climate change, we are increasingly faced with prolonged drought and irregular rainfall. That is why it is important to improve the soil when planting trees, shrubs and sowing lawns. This gives them better protection against drought stress and diseases.

Everything starts with improving your soil.

Prolonged drought and extreme irregular rainfall are limiting factors for plant growth. That is why it is important to improve your soil for all your new plantings. Incorporating the TerraCottem soil conditioner assures rapid and optimal root development and thus stimulates plant growth. In addition, TerraCottem increases resistance to drought stress and disease, which leads to a maximum chance of survival for all your new plantings. And you save up to 50% in water.

View this report by Marc Verachtert on VRT News here: 'Tips for a climate garden'.

Marc Verachtert, Expert in Climate Gardens:

"If we want to make sure that plants start off in optimal conditions from the moment they are planted, then apply a soil improver based on moisture-holding granules."

How can TerraCottem help?


The TerraCottem soil conditioning technology was developed to stimulate root growth, optimise plant growth and increase the soil’s water retention capacity.

The water-absorbing polymers retain the available water: so, there is less leaching or drainage into deeper soil layers and evaporation is reduced. The roots of the plants grow through these hydrogels and consequently have extra water available at those moments when the plant needs it.

Reduce your water consumption by 50%, all the more so since water is becoming increasingly scarce.

Please note that your garden still needs water. But use it sparingly: Use TerraCottem for plants and lawn. Don't water during the hottest hours of the day and limit irrigation to what is necessary to keep the plants alive.


TerraCottem contains growth stimulators or biostimulants, our secret ingredient. They ensure that the plant’s root system develops optimally. This way the plant gets more and longer roots, so it can make better use of the available ground water and becomes more resistant to drought stress and diseases.

Improve your soil with TerraCottem when planting your trees and shrubs or before sowing a new lawn or laying turf, and your garden will be more resistant to prolonged drought or irregular rainfall.

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Is je tuin bestand tegen langdurige droogte en onregelmatige regenval?
Can your garden survive a longlasting drought and irregular rainfall?
Is je tuin bestand tegen langdurige droogte en onregelmatige regenval?

Charles Lambrecht, Alpha Garden: “Despite the heat, the lawn was watered only twice and remained green. This is what I see in the various gardens we have created with TerraCottem in recent years: the lawn stays green longer, is more resistant to disease and we need to water less".

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