Alfonso Lanzarot y Zúñiga

I am Alfonso. I joined TerraCottem in 2014. I am in charge of TerraCottem's international sales support.

More specifically, I handle customer orders. That’s from acknowledgement of an order to collecting payments. Overseas orders are a world on their own. They vary so much one country from another. That’s because each country has different sets of rules. This keeps me on my toes.

When the client asks us to handle the shipment of his order, I search for the most competitive price with a good service. Meaning on-time delivery.

I also prepare the books for the external accountant and do other administrative work in the office. My love for excel and experience in programming comes in handy to automate tasks that if done manually are tedious and time consuming.

I have a degree in Economics and Business Studies and an Executive MBA. I have more than 20 years of experience.

In addition to working at TerraCottem, I have my own consulting firm where I structure projects to obtain financing from public entities.

I like playing the piano, listening to music, reading, movies and mountain biking.

I am currently studying computer programming, another passion of mine.

What do you do in the garden to save water?

"I do not have garden but, if I had, I would use TerraCottem."

If you can travel in time, what year are you going and why?

"I would travel to the year 1989 to advise myself to pursue a career in music and computer science, instead of economics."

How did you get into your job at TerraCottem?

"By chance. I am the only Spaniard whom the national employment office provided a job for without looking for one."

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

"Listen, observe, be curious, ask and never give up."

Favourite aspect of your work?

"It is a very varied job that allows me to be in contact with people from all over the world and to learn the different particularities of each country when sending products to distributors."

What’s your favourite plant, tree or flower?

"Lotus flower. Apart from the fact that it’s stunningly gorgeous, it’s a flower that grows from mud. Its seeds can germinate ten centuries later. It is proof that a bold and bright life can emerge from the darkest places."

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at TerraCottem?

"How millimetrically established everything is. How with a small and organized team you can literally reach the whole world."

Pineapple pizza, yay or nay?

"Definitely yes! I love it."

Alfonso Lanzarot y Zúñiga
Alfonso Lanzarot y Zúñiga
Alfonso Lanzarot y Zúñiga

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