[The TerraCottem Principle]

The TerraCottem Principle

The TerraCottem soil conditioners are a proprietary mixture of more than twenty components each from different groups all assisting in the plant growth processes in a synergetic way:

  • The growth precursors play a very important role in the initial growth phase of the plant. They activate root cell elongation and differentiation, and promote leaf development and biomass production. In addition, roots are encouraged to grow more rapidly to depths where more water is present.
  • The cross-linked hydroabsorbent polymers absorb and store water that is normally lost to evaporation and leaching, reducing the volume and frequency of necessary irrigation by up to 50%. This water is then kept at the disposal of the plant that accesses the stored water on demand through its root hairs, keeping the water in the root zone for a longer period of time.
  • The specially selected fertilizers provide balanced nutrition to the plants based upon macro and microelements.
  • TerraCottem’s carrier materials are selected for their chemo-physical properties (CEC, WRC, etc.) and their characteristics which allow homogeneous distribution of all components.

TerraCottem works at root level:

TerraCottem works at root level. It has to be mixed with the soil.
TerraCottem is activated by watering the plant.
The polymers absorb the water and fertilizers.
The growth precursors encourage root hair growth. These root hairs grow inside the polymers and absorb the required amount of water and nutrients.
Each TerraCottem component has its positive impact on plant growth but it is above all the synergy of all the product’s scientific balanced components which makes the TerraCottem® soil conditioning technology so unique and successful.
The TerraCottem benefits are accredited or certified by independent laboratories and research institutes. TerraCottem does scientific, commercial and humanitarian work with reputable organisations and companies in over 40 countries worldwide since 1993.
Arbole, Burkina Faso (1988): Native trees planted with TerraCottem just before the rainy season.
Arbole, Burkina Faso (1990): Two years later.
Arbole, Burkina Faso (1992): Four years later.
The original TerraCottem soil conditioning technology is being commercialized as TerraCottem Universal. TerraCottem Complement is the complementary product for applications in flower beds and horticulture. TerraCottem Turf has been designed to achieve a healthy sward of high quality with a wide range of benefits. TerraCottem Arbor on the other hand has been created for the arboricultural and reforestation industry.
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