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Twenty five years on, they - that’s Universal, Complement, Turf and Arbor – are still the best performing all-in-one soil conditioners. 

Quality comes at a price.

There are studies abound that prove their superiority compared to other soil conditioners or copies of TerraCottem. The latter are created to look and feel similar but do not perform well.

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The TerraCottem price per application is also very competitive.

The TerraCottem soil conditioners need just a single application and are so potent that only a small quantity is required. Additionally, the water saving action lasts for many years which means that TerraCottem is a long-term investment for the success of your planting schemes. And remember, technical support is also included in the price.

TerraCottem offers tailor-made training programmes from seminars to short on-site trainings when planting. Their objective is to explain to the ground staff how TerraCottem is going to help them achieve better and long-term results in their work. TerraCottem puts a lot of emphasis on the correct application depth and for tree planting on digging the appropriate plant pit.

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