Introduction to the “TerraCottem Expert” training programme

As a TerraCottem Authorised Distributor, you form part of a network of more than 40 companies around the globe commercialising the TerraCottem soil conditioners.

We launched our new TerraCottem training programme for in-house and external sales reps. consisting of four comprehensive power point presentations with the following topics:

  1. "Introduction to the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology": as the title says it is an introduction to the TerraCottem principle and how TerraCottem helps numerous clients around the globe achieve successful projects despite the challenges on site;
  2. "Master the TerraCottem business and sales process": this presentation will give you an overview of the TerraCottem market segments, profile of prospects and most importantly explain how to sell TerraCottem® through the TerraCottem Sales Process;
  3. "Comprehend which situation requires which TC and how to apply the soil conditioners": TerraCottem currently offers 4 soil conditioners. In this session, we explain which applications require which product, how to calculate the plant hole volume and TC rate and how to apply the products. We end with an exercise to put all you’ve learned into practices;
  4. "Marketing tools”;

At the end of the full training programme, you will have gained sound knowledge of the TerraCottem principle, range of products, application methods and rates and have the means to present TerraCottem as a solution to your client’s needs. These acquired skills together with the experience you will obtain on the field will soon convert you into a TerraCottem Expert.

All TerraCottem info discussed during the training sessions can also be found in our Distributor Guidebook.

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