TerraCottem complement

TerraCottem complement has been specially formulated for applications in flower beds and horticulture previously treated with the “Universal” soil conditioner.

TerraCottem complement replenishes the components that have been consumed by the plants during the previous growing season and those lost each time a crop or annuals are pulled from the soil. Due to its application the nutrient and water holding capacity of soils and growing media is kept in optimal conditions.


Apply TerraCottem complement when planting, in areas where the “Universal” soil conditioner has been applied the previous growing season.

  • Crops (agriculture, horticulture, etc.)
  • Flower beds

Application frequency

  • Once per season, when planting or just before seeding.


  • Healthier plants & increased yields
  • Increased survival rate
  • Earlier harvesting
  • Increased water retention capacity
  • Water savings
  • Faster & better plant establishment
  • Stronger & deeper root development
  • Better use of fertilizers
  • Higher resistance to drought and diseases
TerraCottem Complement application in flower beds.
TerraCottem Complement application in flower beds.
TerraCottem Complement application in horticulture.
The product is a dry, free flowing, powdery-to-granular mixture of volcanic rock, cross-linked hydroabsorbent polymers and growth precursors enriched with soluble, slow release and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.
The product has an absorption capacity of a minimum of 450g H2O/100 g in distilled water using Method of Analysis CEN EN 13041 and more than 95% of the water contained in the polymers is plant available.
TerraCottem Complement is available in 20 kg bags.
Do not put TerraCottem Complement at the bottom of the plant hole or on top of the soil. Do mix TerraCottem Complement homogeneously with the soil prior to planting and plant with this soil mixture.

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