TerraCottem turf, soil conditioner for lawns

TerraCottem turf, soil conditioner specially developed for lawns.

Based on the TerraCottem principle, the soil conditioner contains zeolite, a 100 percent natural volcanic mineral that helps increase soil fertility and water retention.

The product’s benefits are further boosted by the inclusion of turf specific fertilizers and humic acids which have a positive effect on water retention capacity, soil structure and microbiological activity.

All this, to get quicker grass establishment, enhanced root and plant growth and improve the quality of turf, seeded grass and sprigs.

TerraCottem soil conditioners work at the plant’s root level. They are mixed with the soil when planting to a depth of 20cm.

When to apply?

  • Prior to seeding, sprigging or sodding.

Application frequency

  • Just once.

Machinery required for application

  • Fertilizer spreader (preferably drop type) & rototiller


  • Increased water holding capacity
  • Water savings up to 50%
  • Increased CEC value
  • Less nutrient leach-off
  • Better seed germination
  • Stronger & deeper root development
  • Increased microbiological activity
  • Higher resistance to diseases & drought stress
TerraCottem Turf is available in 20 kg bags.
TerraCottem Turf
Do not put TerraCottem Turf at the bottom or on top of the root zone layer. Do mix TerraCottem Turf homogeneously throughout the root zone layer prior to seeding or laying turf.
TerraCottem Turf application in golf courses
TerraCottem Turf application in football.
TerraCottem Turf

Ten years after being launched internationally at the 2010 Bigga Turf Management Exhibition,

we are putting TerraCottem Turf in the limelight.