TerraCottem turf

Physical soil conditioner.

For a deep root system and a healthy, drought-resistant lawn.

Each TerraCottem soil conditioner contains water absorbing, growth stimulating and nutritive components. They all work in synergy to stimulate root development and plant growth, even in poor and degraded soils. The effect is twofold: you get sustainable, healthy grass growth and savings of up to 50% in irrigation water, even in challenging conditions.

TerraCottem turf is the soil conditioner for ornamental and sports grass.

Grass that has been seeded or turfed on soil in which TerraCottem turf has been incorporated will be more resistant to drought. It will stay green longer and recover better after a period of drought compared to untreated grass.

TerraCottem turf is a granular mixture based on zeolite, water absorbant polymers, NPK fertilisers containing magnesium and biostimulants.

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TerraCottem soil conditioners work at the plant’s root level. They are mixed with the soil when planting to a depth of 20cm.

When to apply?

  • Prior to seeding, sprigging or sodding.

Application frequency

  • Just once.

Machinery required for application

  • Fertilizer spreader (preferably drop type) & rototiller


  • Increased water holding capacity
  • Water savings up to 50%
  • Increased CEC value
  • Better seed germination
  • Stronger & deeper root development
  • Increased microbiological activity
  • Higher resistance to diseases & drought stress
TerraCottem Turf is available in 20 kg bags.
TerraCottem Turf soil enhancer
Do not put TerraCottem Turf at the bottom or on top of the root zone layer. Do mix TerraCottem Turf homogeneously throughout the root zone layer prior to seeding or laying turf.
TerraCottem Turf application in golf courses
TerraCottem Turf application in football.
TerraCottem Turf soil enhancer

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