Sports Turf

Applied at preparation stage –whether seeded, turfed or sprigged – TerraCottem turf promotes faster and better germination and turf establishment.

For stronger, fitter grass and a winning surface...

As your grass grows, TerraCottem’s fertilizers, humates and natural growth precursors promote stronger and deeper root development. In addition TerraCottem’s polymers surround the roots with water, maintaining optimum levels between irrigation and rainfall events. Working together as a soil conditioner these ingredients make for a healthy, richly microbial soil and resilient turf – giving you a great playing surface.

Master thesis L. Nachtergaele
The TerraCottem Turf soil conditioner was also included in the thesis research work and scored overall best. This document summarises the conclusions of that research work:
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Root development with TerraCottem turf at Anfield Road, Liverpool, UK.
Root development with TerraCottem turf at Ciudad del fútbol de Las Rozas, Madrid, Spanish Football Federation, Spain.
Root development with TerraCottem turf at Wembley Stadium, London, UK.

Our soil conditioning technology can pass the ball, but you can score with your football pitch.

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