Roof gardens

TerraCottem increases the soil's water and nutrient holding capacity, the plants' resistance to extreme growing conditions and allows you to use a wider variety of plants.

The plants on roofs, balconies (pots) and walls (green walls) are generally confronted with a low volume of substrate that needs a substantial amount of input of water and nutrients.

By incorporating TerraCottem Universal into the growing medium, the substrate’s water and nutrient holding capacity is increased resulting in better plant growth, increased plant survival rate and helps you maintain healthy looking plants.

Roof gardens & podium landscapes: international references

Vertical greening: international references

Green walls for sustainable buildings and cities
TerraCottem BV was an active member of the "Green Building" project group . The objective of this IWT-project (Agency for Innovation, Science and Technology) was twofold: gaining local knowledge on this subject and boost the implementation of green walls in Flanders in Belgium for their numerous advantages, both individually and collectively. The project consisted in obtainting better knowledge of existing green wall systems and their advantages and disadvantages. In a 2nd phase, we looked at how these systems could be optimised. Finally, the project focused on the development of new technologies and products.

The articles below are summaries of the positive test results of TerraCottem universal in vertical gardens.

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