Guaranteed Sucess

20/12/2018 - 00:00

The landmark development Florentinum, located in the bustling heart of Prague, is the largest office building under one roof in the Czech Republic. The project design called for a vast amount of greenery and to achieve an immediate impact large trees were planted.

However, some of the evergreen trees died. The death of the trees happened twice and the surviving ones were in a dire state. At this time in the development Zahradní Architektura Kurz s.r.o. was invited to take over the planting work.

The investor asked us, if we are able to plant 10 metre high mature Pinus Sylvestris with a guarantee,” ...

... says Aleš Kurz, the company owner.

We worked closely together with a supplier of top quality trees according to the client’s specification and we proposed TerraCottem to improve the performance of the soil that was lacking in structure and water holding capacity. The lack of soil structure caused us some concern during the winter months as the irrigation system is switched off. But most importantly we wanted to ensure the survival rate of those trees.

Zahradní Architektura Kurz fulfilled the client’s expectations and as a result was awarded the maintenance contract of the gardens. “There is no mystery: skilled work, good technology, no cutting corners, healthy plants and sound investment have given this luxury centrum the garden it deserves and made our client happy,” concluded Kurz.

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Guaranteed Sucess
Guaranteed Sucess
Guaranteed Sucess

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