Worldwide Acclaim For Floral Displays

26/12/2018 - 00:00

Oudenaarde, a historic city of the arts in the beating heart of the Flemish Ardennes, is famous for its floral displays.

The area of the Flemish Ardennes covers a hilly region in the south of the province of East Flanders in Belgium, with Oudenaarde being one of its major cities. The Oudenaarde floral displays have become a real delight for the eye of its residents and the many tourists. This long-standing tradition of flowers has resulted in an exceptional success for the city, both at regional, national and international level.

Stefaan De Smet, Horticultural Officer at the city of Oudenaarde remembers:

The renowned trade fair Flanders Technology International brought TerraCottem to our city, which was during the early stages of the company. We were keen to try this new technology to improve our work. Very early on we saw our maintenance costs drop and since then we have continuously used TerraCottem in our annual planting.

In 2017 we have planted 9,000 annuals including Pelargonium, Helichrysum, Bidens, Glechoma, Surfinia and Sunpatiens in various flower bowls, planters and towers, in a potting soil comprising of 50 per cent black peat, 40 per cent turf moss of white peat and 10 per cent clay. The soil was improved with 1.25 kilos Pg Mix 14-16-18, 1.5 kilos basacote 5-6 months (15-10-12) with Mg and Fe and 5 kilos TerraCottem Universal per cubic metre of soil. We do not add any fertiliser during the entire season. All the flower displays were watered once a week, whereas previously when we didn’t use TerraCottem, we watered up to three times a week.”

A further 11,000 Begonia ‘Dragon Wing Red’ were planted in flower beds, enriched, as customary, with recycled potting soil from the flower towers of the previous season and TerraCottem Complement.

Good planning, the investment in the right materials and the dedication of our staff lead to very high standards of planting throughout the city centre and all the parks, as well as substantial savings in maintenance and plant replacement. Our efforts pay off and we draw a great deal of satisfaction from the gratitude we receive from residents and visitors and the invaluable recognition beyond national borders.

Worldwide Acclaim For Floral Displays
Worldwide Acclaim For Floral Displays
Worldwide Acclaim For Floral Displays

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