What makes the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology different from pure polymers?

What makes the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology different from pure polymers?

19/03/2021 - 00:00

The TerraCottem soil conditioners are much more than a polymer. What makes TerraCottem unique is the synergetic effect of all its components on plant growth. Water savings is an important TerraCottem benefit but most of our professional customers value the increased root growth, the healthier plants, the higher survival rate, the better plant establishment and other advantages equally.

What makes the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology different from pure polymers?

A pure polymer versus the TerraCottem mixture

Composition of a pure polymer.

Composition of the TerraCottem soil conditioners.
  • The carefully selected hydroabsorbant polymers – there are different types of superabsorbers in TerraCottem - increase the water retention of the soil or growing medium. The water is kept at the disposal of the plants and accessed upon demand. Almost all water inside the polymers is plant available: this results in an optimal water use efficiency and water savings up to 50%. TerraCottem’s hydrogels not only absorb water, but also the nutritive elements within that soil solution. Our soil conditioners are characterized by their high cation exchange capacity (a measure of how many cations can be retained and exchanged by the product).
  • And also, our carrier materials are, amongst other things, selected on their CEC.
  • The different types of fertilisers offer a balanced nutrition program, based upon macro and microelements. Combined with the high CEC value of our soil conditioners leaching is limited, resulting in a better use of fertilisers and better plant growth in the end.
  • The real secret lies within the presence of the root growth stimulators. These growth precursors play a very important role in the initial growth phase of the plant. They activate root cell elongation and differentiation. As a result, roots are encouraged to grow more rapidly to depths where more water is present.

Each TerraCottem component has its positive impact on plant growth but it is above all the synergetic effect of all the product’s scientific balanced components which makes the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology so unique and successful.

Scientific background

Years of testing at the University of Ghent and independent laboratories demonstrate that the best results, over a number of plant growth and water-use efficiency parameters, were achieved with a carefully balanced composition of hydroabsorbent, nutrient and growth-stimulating components.

Proven track record

With the full backing of an internationally-recognized university, a heritage linked with its initial use in United Nations’ and other humanitarian projects, and a client base on five continents which includes top professionals in the relevant markets, the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology has a credibility rarely matched in the industry.

TerraCottem does not produce for other brands. You will only find the quality and efficiency of the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology under the TerraCottem brand name.

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