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Cut Costs, Not Corners:
Revolutionize Your Landscaping with Science-Backed Soil Solutions

Are your clients getting more demanding and empowered? They want quality but at the most competitive price?

Indeed, because they’ve picked you!

On the other hand, their knowledge about garden maintenance is often below par. For example, many people do not know how and when to water. That might lead to dead plants and trees for which you might be made responsible.

The same goes for soil, few people appreciate the importance of a well-structured and balanced soil. Just as the foundation determines the strength of a house, the soil quality will be decisive for plant growth.

Delivering quality work is also proving increasingly difficult with climate change. With rising temperatures and more drought spells, you are “fighting the elements”: the need to replace dead plants is growing. You worry about the climatological challenges.

Peace of mind

As a result, you find yourself spending lots of time “fixing stuff”: replacing dead plant material, watering newly planted gardens and controlling garden pests.

What if there is a product that will give you "peace of mind"?

  • A soil conditioner that acts as an insurance policy to help plants survive irregular irrigation or rainfall…
  • A soil conditioner that just needs a single application and that is so potent that only a small quantity is required.
  • With a water saving action that lasts for many years.

Unique soil conditioning solutions

The answer is a soil conditioning technology with plenty of science behind it and a holistic approach to plant growth.

  • A product that increases the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil.
  • That contains growth precursors to kick start that essential root growth and a mixture of fertilisers to sustain that growth.
  • And water saving polymers that release the stored water to the plant’s root system on the plant’s demand, reducing drought stress and the watering frequency by 50%.

All these elements in just one easy-to-use granular product, to get stronger, healthier plants and to increase plant survival rate.

Additionally, it saves you costs in watering and replacement of dead plants.

A range of soil conditioners with a commercial and scientific proven track record and free of charge technical advice?

  • Seville City Council's Parks and Gardens Service, Spain

Javier Gómez Garcimartín - tree officer: "TerraCottem increases the water availability for the trees. It gives us a guarantee so that we minimise the need to replant trees.”

  • FLORSTYL s.r.o., Czech Republic:

Pavel Okénka: "Beyond the savings in maintenance, TerraCottem plays a crucial role in ensuring successful plant establishment. In similar projects, we might typically expect up to a 15% loss in plants. However, with the use of TerraCottem, we've managed to reduce this loss to nearly zero in the bio-corridors we've established. Even in cases where TerraCottem isn't specified, we use it to lower our maintenance costs. For us TerraCottem is a guarantee that plants will establish, survive critical periods and grow well.”

  • Zahradní Architektura Kurz, Czech Republic

Aleš Kurz from Zahradní Architektura Kurz: “We worked closely together with a supplier of top quality trees according to the client’s specification. We proposed TerraCottem to improve the performance of the soil that was lacking in structure and water holding capacity. The lack of soil structure caused us some concern during the winter months as the irrigation system is switched off. But most importantly we wanted to ensure the survival rate of those trees.”

  • Alpha Garden, Belgium

This photo was taken in August of a garden that was built in April. Charles Lambrecht, Alpha Garden: “Despite the heat, the lawn was watered only twice and remained green. This is what I see in the various gardens we have created with TerraCottem in recent years: the lawn stays green longer, is more resistant to disease and we need to water less".

Yet you and your clients want thriving planting schemes without the worrying.

What if with a simple gesture at the time of planting, you give plants the extra help to start off the right foot instead of struggling to germinate or survive transplant shock?

TerraCottem universal is the original soil conditioner and is still the TerraCottem to use in most applications.
TerraCottem turf is the soil conditioner for all types of grass.
TerraCottem arbor is the soil conditioner for woody plants.
TerraCottem complement top-up product for flower beds after having used TerraCottem Universal. Also in horticulture.

Just mix the TerraCottem soil conditioner with the soil or substrate. Easy.

  • When? Just once, at the time of planting or prior to seeding.
  • Why? To get better plant growth. To protect plants against drought and irregular irrigation. To ensure they will survive. To make your work stand out.

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