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Do you want to supply a distinctive soil conditioning technology? One that addresses your clients’ main concerns related to soil and plant growth with benefits during many years?

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  • Do you supply the landscaping, amenity, arboriculture, sports turf or horticultural industry?
  • Are you innovative, hardworking, and trustworthy?
  • Do you offer high quality products and services that differentiate themselves from the competition? Is your sales team supported by a specification team? Are they in close contact with specifiers, designers and architects to advise them on the appropriate products, at the optimal rate for a specific project to ensure its successful completion?
  • Are you driven by good and open communication with your clients? Do you implement their feedback to improve your products and services? Do you go the extra mile in client service?
  • Does your company have systems to deliver predictable and successful results to all aspects of the business?

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Why they love working with us...

"As a fertiliser and soil consultant, I have known TerraCottem for about 9 years. As a wholesale supplier to landscapers, it is part of our standard range. The soil is the basis and that is exactly the philosophy that TerraCottem expresses. The innovative and sustainable character of the product fits in perfectly with our range, with which we help gardeners to make future-oriented and responsible choices."

"We have been working with the whole range of TerraCottem for many years now. The excellent quality and fantastic results that both professional and private customers achieve are the best advertisement you can get. TerraCottem – the right soil improver for extreme conditions."

"It is a great joy to hear how satisfied our clients are. On top of that the cooperation with TerraCottem international, Carol and her team, is very pleasant and we get full support. As climate changes, the temperature rises and there is more lack of water during summer, we have the perfect tool in the form of TerraCottem to help satisfy our customers. And that gives satisfaction to us as well."

"We’ve been stockist for TerraCottem (universal and turf) over 20 years. We’ve enjoyed a very successful relationship. What we fundamentally like and are most impressed about the business TerraCottem is how they market themselves and promote the brand. That in turn helps us immensely when we sell TerraCottem to our UK customers."

"We sell a lot of TerraCottem to gardeners and local councils as people are increasingly seeing the benefits. We have more and more dry spells, hot summers and water that is becoming scarcer. This makes TerraCottem a very interesting product that provides added value."

Read the unique story behind the TerraCottem soil conditioners.

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