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Do you want to supply a distinctive soil conditioning technology? One that addresses your clients’ main concerns related to soil and plant growth with benefits during many years?

Your clients’ challenges

It doesn’t matter whether your business is B2B like a wholesale supplier or potting soil manufacturer or B2C such as a garden center. Your clients are confronted with a series of challenges in their quest to create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces with plant material. The same applies for those that grow crops.

Let’s start with soil. Either it’s too poor. Or it has a high salt content. Maybe it is compacted and gets waterlogged. Or on the contrary, it doesn’t hold sufficient water and nutrients. Maybe it is too shallow.

Another issue is climate change. This means there is not enough or too much rainfall together with increased temperatures and droughts.

A third one is water: its availability, quality or cost.

There are also issues with plant material: plant selection, quality, plant establishment rate, plant mortality rate, lack of root growth, pests & diseases.

Each one of them can jeopardise the success rate of the project.

A unique soil conditioning solution

So, how about a soil conditioner that increases the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil or substrate?

  • That contains growth precursors to kick start essential root growth and a mixture of fertilisers to sustain that growth?
  • And water saving polymers that release the stored water to the plant’s root system on the plant’s demand? Thus reducing drought stress and the watering frequency by 50%.

All these elements in one easy-to-use granular soil conditioner. To get stronger and healthier plants and to increase their survival rate. Additionally, it saves your clients costs in watering and replacement of dead plants.

Check out the TerraCottem soil conditioners
TerraCottem universal, the “original” formula, that works with all plant species.
TerraCottem complement top-up product for flower beds after having used TerraCottem Universal. Also in horticulture.
TerraCottem turf for lawns and sports pitches.
TerraCottem arbor for woody plants.

Is there a match between your company and TerraCottem?

  • Do you supply the landscaping, amenity, arboriculture, sports turf or horticultural industry?
  • Are you innovative, hardworking, and trustworthy?
  • Do you offer high quality products and services that differentiate themselves from the competition? Is your sales team supported by a specification team? Are they in close contact with specifiers, designers and architects to advise them on the appropriate products, at the optimal rate for a specific project to ensure its successful completion?
  • Are you driven by good and open communication with your clients? Do you implement their feedback to improve your products and services? Do you go the extra mile in client service?
  • Does your company have systems to deliver predictable and successful results to all aspects of the business?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then there is a fit with TerraCottem’s vision and values.

Why they love working with us...

"As a fertiliser and soil consultant, I have known TerraCottem for about 9 years. As a wholesale supplier to landscapers, it is part of our standard range. The soil is the basis and that is exactly the philosophy that TerraCottem expresses. The innovative and sustainable character of the product fits in perfectly with our range, with which we help gardeners to make future-oriented and responsible choices."

"We have been working with the whole range of TerraCottem for many years now. The excellent quality and fantastic results that both professional and private customers achieve are the best advertisement you can get. TerraCottem – the right soil improver for extreme conditions."

"It is a great joy to hear how satisfied our clients are. On top of that the cooperation with TerraCottem international, Carol and her team, is very pleasant and we get full support. As climate changes, the temperature rises and there is more lack of water during summer, we have the perfect tool in the form of TerraCottem to help satisfy our customers. And that gives satisfaction to us as well."

"We’ve been stockist for TerraCottem (universal and turf) over 20 years. We’ve enjoyed a very successful relationship. What we fundamentally like and are most impressed about the business TerraCottem is how they market themselves and promote the brand. That in turn helps us immensely when we sell TerraCottem to our UK customers."

"We sell a lot of TerraCottem to gardeners and local councils as people are increasingly seeing the benefits. We have more and more dry spells, hot summers and water that is becoming scarcer. This makes TerraCottem a very interesting product that provides added value."

"Welcome to a world class team that will introduce you to a world class product."

TerraCottem leading soil conditioning technology stands for:

Peace of mind
TerraCottem's mix of components all work together to produce fast and furious root and plant growth. The growth precursors play a crucial role in the initial growth phase of the plants. They help them adjust faster to their new environment. TerraCottem also reduces stress factors by providing a continuous supply of water and nutrients aimed at ensuring plant survival.
Proven track record
The TerraCottem benefits are accredited or certified by independent laboratories and research institutes. TerraCottem does scientific, commercial and humanitarian work with reputable organisations and companies in over 40 countries worldwide since 1993.
Training programme
TerraCottem offers tailor-made online training programmes to you, your staff or clients.
Technical advice
At TerraCottem it's about getting it right from the start. We look at the overall picture: the conditions on site, the user’s challenges and what he wants to achieve. We will assist them on how to get there.
Value for money

Quality comes at a price. Twenty eight years on, they - that’s Universal, Complement, Turf and Arbor – are still the best performing all-in-one soil conditioners. There are studies abound that prove their superiority compared to other soil conditioners or copies of TerraCottem. The latter are created to look and feel similar but do not perform well.

The TerraCottem price per application is also competitive. The TerraCottem soil conditioners just need a single application and are so potent that only a small quantity is required. Additionally, the water saving action lasts for many years which means that TerraCottem is a long-term investment for the success of your clients’ planting projects. And remember, technical support is also included in the price.

Read the unique story behind the TerraCottem soil conditioners.

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