Mieke Clicteur

I am Dominique (nickname Mieke) Clicteur - 55 plus. I take care of the bookkeeping and administration of TerraCottem.

This task is written for me. I am very meticulous. In addition, I have a good memory for numbers. I like to work alone and am not such a big chatterbox. All positive qualities for an accountant.

My professional passion is Excel and I dare say that I am an advanced Excel user. I automate many of my tasks using spreadsheets.

"Every day I am happy to work for TerraCottem. Opportunities are given here."

In addition, my work content is very diverse:

  • administration,
  • order processing and invoicing,
  • insurance files,
  • stock management/valuation,
  • cost price calculation,
  • purchases,
  • layout statistics,
  • reporting,
  • result determination,
  • VAT, tax returns ...
  • ... and yes also accounting ;-)

Our management is concerned about our well-being and room is left to plan the work independently. The TerraCottem team is a small but strong team. We know each other through and through.

I strive to serve our clients correctly, professionally and on time. This expresses itself in:

  • Correct processing of orders
  • Concise order confirmation and delivery note
  • Correct and timely invoicing
  • Application for and preparation of certificates of origin and analysis
  • Organising transport

I love nature and my living environment. TerraCottem moved in 2019. It reduced my commute by 21km. I quickly made the decision to cycle to work whenever the weather conditions allow me to. When my children were young, I was able to reconcile work and family by working part-time. The mornings were for Terracottem. The afternoons were reserved for my family. Meanwhile, the children have left home and the mornings are still reserved for TerraCottem. But my afternoons are now reserved for my passion. Horses.

What do you do in the garden to save water?

"I have a mature garden with good soil. Extra watering is not necessary. Of course, I add TerraCottem to the topsoil of my annual flower baskets. This saves a lot of watering. And it gives me nicer flowers that also bloom longer. Three times a winner."

If you can travel in time, what year are you going and why?

"The 60's. Preferably as a young adult. Everything was possible. A period of growth and prosperity."

How did you get into your job at TerraCottem?

"I came to TerraCottem by chance. The opportunity presented itself and I jumped on the TerraCottem bandwagon."

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

"It’s from my mother. She advised me to stay professionally active. A golden advice."

Favourite aspect of your work?

"My work is incredibly diverse. That is precisely the favourite aspect of my job. People think accounting is boring. I invite them to join me in my working week. They will be immersed in bookkeeping, order processing, invoicing, sending letters and e-mails. Following up correspondence, buying raw materials, making budget comparisons, planning, accounts receivable management, determination of results, stock valuation and counting, cost price calculation, VAT, tax return, etc..."

What is your favourite, famous or inspiring quote?

"KISS - keep it simple and stupid. I often find that people go too far in looking for solutions. Or they try to make it too difficult. My experience is that simple solutions are often the best and last longest."

Which project at work are you most proud of?

"Without a doubt, it is the re-styling of the20g sample sachet into the 50g sample jar. There was the challenge of finding the ideal packaging. But the greatest pleasure for me, as an administrative person, was the opportunity given to me to do this. And to have a decisive say in the matter."

What is the first thing you do when you come to the office?

"Every working day starts with a cup of coffee. It wakes me up. It helps me concentrate."

Mieke Clicteur
Mieke Clicteur
Mieke Clicteur
Mieke Clicteur

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