Climate change… Give trees a fighting chance (1)

Climate change… Give trees a fighting chance (1)

24/09/2020 - 09:10

Recently 2 articles appeared in the German press. We've translated them into English. This is the first one...


1 complete solution for all sustainable plantations with only 1 product

Translated from "Klimawandel... TerraCottem All-In-One Bodenverbesserer" (Submissions Anzeiger Nr. 179)

Building on the internationally proven original product TerraCottem Universal for all plantings in dry soils and TerraCottem Turf designed especially for new lawns, a highly interesting new product from TerraCottem has been launched: TerraCottem Arbor all-in-one soil conditioner.

The product is specially adapted to the problem of climate change in woody plantations:

TerraCottem Arbor, mixed into the planting hole during planting, provides good growth and survival insurance for the plant.

How? The TerraCottem philosophy is an optimal combination of important soil improving components in 1 product: high-quality water and nutrient storage granules offer a significantly higher water holding capacity in the soil for 8 years and also store nutrients (fertiliser) that would be washed out without TerraCottem.

The stored water is 95% available to plants. 100 grams of TerraCottem have a water holding capacity of 8 litres of water! The recommended dosage is 1.5 kg per m³ tree substrate or soil from the plant hole. Depending on the condition of the soil, an additional storage of 120 litres of water is possible! This means that water is available to the trees and shrubs for a much longer period of time.

Important components are also the root growth activators, a highly effective proprietary mixture that ensures good and fast rooting in the planting pit. When planting trees with a root ball, the roots grow much faster into the surrounding substrate or into the soil. This is especially important to achieve a good and strong root anchoring on the one hand, and on the other hand a tree that can absorb more water and nutrients in a targeted manner has a better chance of growing.

The special mixture of mineral fertilizers is new. It releases nutrients at different rates and is active for a total of 12 months. Another new addition are the humic acids.

An important environmental fact is that the water reservoirs are completely degradable in the long term. Distribution takes place via a network of wholesalers, for example Hermann Meyer KG and others see

TerraCottem Arbor is currently used for planting new trees in inner-city areas, in private and residential construction and for roadside greenery.

Photo: Practical example from Berlin Neukölln – an Alnus Cordata planted in April in substrate mixed with TerraCottem – 6 months later the tree is replaced due to bark damage. The extremely good root development was striking, in only 6 months after planting. – Photo was taken by the Pflanzenschutzamt in Berlin, who accompanied the planting and evaluated the development of the trees (from the climate tree study). (see report PRO BAUM 2 2018).

Climate change… Give trees a fighting chance (1)

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