"Eco Hero Lab" Masterclass with BioEngineer Davy Ottevaere, Technical Manager, TerraCottem

"Eco Hero Lab" Masterclass with BioEngineer Davy Ottevaere, Technical Manager, TerraCottem

12/05/2020 - 00:00

One week ago, May the 5th, Pamela Peeters produced the 4th edition of the "Day of the Eco Hero. A day that showcases the amazing initiatives of people who help Mother Earth towards preservation and restoration! Today, a third "Eco Hero Lab" Masterclass with BioEngineer Davy Ottevaere, Technical Manager at TerraCottem BV was released.

Davy represents the Ecosystem "Soil" and shared a lot of knowledge for the ones who are interested in learning about the natural resources of our planet.

Who is Davy Ottevaere?

Davy Ottevaere graduated from Ghent University in 2000 as a bio-engineer with a field of expertise in soil and water management. He works for the soil conditioning company TerraCottem BV as their technical manager. Davy is responsible for their R&D department, technical support and project management. He is also the co-author of the “GANDA criteria” soil physical and mechanical guidelines for construction of sports turf in Belgium.

Who is Pamela Peeters?

Pamela Peeters is an international – award winning – environmental economist, certified eco consultant and media producer who launched her first environmental magazine at the age of 12. With master degrees in both economics and environmental management, she also completed a research fellowship at Columbia University, won the Prize of the Minister of Foreign Trade and received an honorary fellowship from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Pamela dedicates her time to mainstream sustainable development and produced over 200 television episodes of the lifestyle television show “Our Planet”, founded the Sustainable PLanet film festival in 2005 and has her own weekly NPR radio vignette. She also writes books for adults and children, lectures internationally and contributes in making sustainable development topics become part of the educational curriculum. Discover more...

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