From obsolete tank to ... this!

06/02/2019 - 00:00

Matthew Barbetta, Open Space Co-ordinator for Melbourne’s City of Glen Eira takes you on a virtual tour to the new Booran Road Play Space.

A decommissioned water storage facility was transformed in a public open space with an astonishing variety of equipped-play opportunities. Truly confronting climbing challenges. Water play. Serious sand play. Trampolines and flying foxes. Swings and spins. All set in a landscape of swathes of turf, 50 trees and 8,000 understorey plants, many of which went in with TerraCottem.

Booran Reserve is a space for everyone...

When you consult community and work with good designers and contractors you end up with success...
... here measured by the popularity of the new park.
And to think it once looked like this. It’s a site worth visiting to appreciate just how much has been achieved.

To read the full text online...

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