Plant variety and colour in the centre of Salem

07/09/2023 - 13:54

The municipality of Salem in the south of Germany is known for its Cistercian monastery with boarding school covering a total of 17 hectares. In 2018 works started to renovate the city centre, south of the Castle lake. The works consist of a new town hall building, a shopping and a medical centre, a park by the castle lake and a residential area.

Plantings with TerraCottem arbor soil conditioner

The planning task given to the architectural study 365° freiraum + unwelt included the planning and implementation of the greening of the residential area with its boulevards as pedestrian access and cross streets.

The 80 avenue trees and beds were planted with TerraCottem arbor. The soil conditioner contains water and nutrient storage, biostimulants, humic acid and a balanced fertiliser mix. The water storage capacity is active for a minimum of 8 years, an excellent basis for good growth and plant survival success.

The perennial planting had to fulfil several requirements: be as insect-friendly as possible, attractive all year round, drought-resistant, durable, easy to care for and adapted to the respective light conditions, and also contain a high proportion of native perennials. A mouthful.

Success was imminent. Already in the first year after planting, residents were pleasantly surprised by a high geophyte bloom. The different modules create various colour and height variations in the neighbourhood over the course of the seasons, bringing a gratifying change to the hard buildings.

The effects of the dry period in the summer of 2022 were only marginally visible in the plant beds. Plenty of bumblebees and butterflies were foraging the flowering perennials. A couple of months later, fall foliage and silvery gray perennials paired with white and purple asters were able to sweep away the fall fog.

With this project, the planning office 365° freiraum + umwelt was nominated for the German Architecture Prize 2023 - an excellent achievement.

"We are happy about this blooming project and the mutual success of a long-term cooperation during our double anniversary year: TerraCottem soil conditioners celebrate their 20th anniversary in Germany and 30th anniversary worldwide this year".

Gabriele Bußhoff – TerraCottem Vertrieb Deutschland

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