Learning landscapes

22/10/2015 - 00:00

What follows is a close look at some recent thoughtful landscape design within a Melbourne girls’ school. Josh Chia, ACLA Consultants associate, explains…

Learning landscapesLearning landscapesLearning landscapesLearning landscapes

A great deal is demanded from the outdoor space that surrounds a school. Think back to your own primary and secondary years and you’ll likely remember: the spot where you sat to eat lunch; the places where you played till bell-time. Since most of us obviously develop an appreciation of the living environment during these years, it’s worth making the most of school zones through creating some thoughtful landscape design. What follows is a close look at some recent work within a Melbourne girls’ school…

“We use TerraCottem because we feel confident that it improves growing conditions, which is particularly important during the establishment phase, while also reducing the reliance on irrigation”

- John Chia, ACLA Consultants

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