Juggling Ovals

04/10/2016 - 00:00

The Shire of Kalamunda recently had to rework a set of linked playing fields, where the bottom one was four metres below the top. Oh, and construction had to be staged so that they could keep some turf available to the local high school. A tricky job, well done. Read on…

Does anyone really enjoy delivering a tricky sports field reconstruction? Probably not, but everyone loves to hear about them. Here’s one that has all the bells and whistles: a four metre difference in levels (that’s not a typo), the need to keep part of the playing surface available throughout construction, and the too-common issue about there not being enough water to ensure establishment…

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Surely a successful project can be measured by the feedback from the community that benefits – here stakeholders surround Shire President Andrew Waddell (R) and the member for Kalamunda the Hon John Day (L).
Amazing root growth approximately –between 150mm- 200m - after only two to three weeks of laying.
The finished result.

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