Taking tree substrate to the next level

Taking tree substrate to the next level

10/02/2019 - 00:00

When redesigning the marketplace in the city of Oudenaarde, Belgium, new trees were planted and replanted using the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology. The goal was to increase the water retention capacity of the tree substrate and boosting root development.

Due to lack of water retention, a total of 25 native tree species needed to be replanted:

  • 2 Tilia tomentosa;
  • 7 Gleditsia triacanthos f. enermis;
  • 3 Quercus palustris;
  • 13 Robinia pseudoacacia “bessoniana”;

A slightly higher Terracottem Arbor application rate was added to compensate for the limited growing space: 2.0kg/m³ tree substrate.

18 months later, the results are spectacular: despite the harsh conditions (strong wind), the trees are thriving!

One of the trees was damaged by a car and needed to be replaced: notice the excellent root development a few months after planting.

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