TerraCottem Arbor provides trees with perfect start

TerraCottem Arbor provides trees with perfect start

22/06/2017 - 00:00

We are pleased to launch TerraCottem Arbor specifically formulated for trees and shrubs.

The product combines proven technology with new features. Central to the latest formulation is a the inclusion of humic acids that further enhance water retention capacity and importantly tree specific fertilisers.

The fertilisers with their lifespan of up to 12 months feature a starter fertiliser for rapid plant establishment and a synthetic nitrogen fertiliser, which in combination with the humic acids improves soil structure and microbiological activity.

TerraCottem Arbor provides the plant with critical support over the first two years after planting leading to increased survival rates. The increase in root and plant growth significantly reduces the need for irrigation and importantly reduces the user’s input costs and need for replacements. To illustrate the financial benefits of using the product, TerraCottem has introduced a special calculator, which highlights the costs benefits that can be achieved. Contact us: info@terracottem.com.

Commenting on the introduction of TerraCottem Arbor Mrs. Carol Devos, CEO said:

“Our pre-launch trials have shown the distinct advantages of using this innovative soil conditioner. It has an extremely positive effect on tree growth and survival, especially when the soil conditions are challenging. The use of TC Arbor will be even more important in areas that are suffering from water deficits.”

Prior to its introduction TerraCottem Arbor went through rigorous testing including outdoor and laboratory trials which have been endorsed and certified by RTD institutions: Forest Sciences Central of Catalonia, Centexbel and Central National de la Recherche Scientifique, in the framework of the Sustaffor project.

TerraCottem Arbor is particularly suitable for improving woody plants in urban locations, landscaping, reforestation, motorway planting and environmental restoration projects.

The new product joins the proven range of soil conditioners from the company which include

All products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The soil conditioner is applied only once at planting time. The prescribed dose is 40 g/tree for young seedlings up to 60 cm high and 100-200 g/tree for larger seedlings (1-2 m high). TerrraCottem Arbor is available in 20 kg bags.

TerraCottem Arbor is available in 20 kg bags.
TerraCottem Arbor specifically formulated for trees and shrubs.
The product has an absorption capacity of a minimum of 4500 g H2O/100 g in distilled water using Method of Analysis CEN EN 13041 and more than 95% of the water contained in the polymers is plant available.

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