Project in the spotlight – B&B Elvier from "Tuinen Claes"

28/04/2022 - 15:33

Tuinen Claes, based in Mol, Belgium, specialises in the design and realisation of country gardens. They take us to this beautiful landscape garden in the middle of Mol's fields and woods

For this l “Elvier” B&B the landscape architect chose sustainable materials such as tropical hardwood, oak, natural stone and clay bricks. Tuinen Claes finished off the whole with a variety of perennials, evergreen shrubs and deciduous trees. They also choose for a playful and open character of the garden and integrated a Ha-ha, also called saut-de-loup. This centuries-old landscaping technique creates the illusion that the house and garden are flowing into the landscape beyond.

A garden is a place to enjoy.

But designing a new garden requires a lot of measuring and thinking. A good basis is crucial and they know that all too well at Tuinen Claes.

With each new project, we automatically do a soil analysis. That is how we determine which materials and products to use. We buy our garden products at AgriCamp in Dessel where we can count on their expertise and product knowledge. During a phytosanitary conference in 2017, we attended a presentation about TerraCottem. Since then, we use the soil conditioner in almost all our planting projects.

We are very satisfied with the results.

Tuinen Claes not only creates your dream garden, you can also have them do the maintenance of your garden.

Tuinen Claes uses TerraCottem arbor for all their tree and shrub planting, and TerraCottem turf for the construction of each new lawn. This is done in combined with the use of organic fertilisers and compost.

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