From Practical to Poetic: Gardens Vranckx brings life to corporate gardens with a "View and Experience Garden"

06/06/2024 - 07:37

Tuinen Vranckx designed this unique corporate garden in Olen, Belgium. This patio and interior garden will be used for staff relaxation, lunch, outdoor events and meetings.

Moreover, this green courtyard doubles as a "viewing and experience garden" due to its central location in the company, allowing all offices to overlook it through expansive windows.

The garden resembles a large, captivating, and vibrant "terrarium," brimming with butterflies, birds, fish, flowers, and fruits. The pond reflects the changing sky, while the wind rustles the leaves and sways the tall ornamental grasses, adding to the dynamic atmosphere.

Two colossal trees, each weighing up to 2.5 tonnes, were planted with the help of cranes lifting them over the building. These Paulownia tomentosa trees serve as the central focal points of the garden, nestled in a raised circular lawn podium that doubles as seating and a communal area.

Six grand Cornus kousa shrubs, carefully pruned into parasol shapes, will provide pleasant shade for the terrace in the future.

Roeland Vranckx explains:

"Given the significant size of these trees and their root balls, as well as the substantial investment in their procurement and installation, every effort was made to ensure their survival. No expense was spared in the preparation and planting stages to provide optimal conditions for growth."

"This is why this great product TerraCottem was generously incorporated into the deep planting beds. Its gel granules act like a sponge, ensuring that during prolonged droughts, the trees and shrubs will retain ample water reserves."

Both large and small plantings deserve equal care and attention. In the remaining planting beds, which contain smaller plants like ornamental grasses, perennials, and shrubs, TerraCottem universal, known as the "white-black gold" in our company, was generously incorporated into the top 25-centimeter layer."

"All the trees and plants are now thriving beautifully, showcasing their best features."

Work in progress...

End result

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