I am a horticultural officer

You believe in doing things right from the start, in good horticultural practice. You have seen the downward spiral of cutting corners: budget cuts, less staff, inferior products, work that’s not up to standard, complaints, frustration, more budgets cuts, etc.

Soils not up to standard

You know the consequences of soils that are not up to standard with deficient plant establishment, stunted growth and plant death as a result. Add to that , sites with no or difficult access to water, the high cost of watering, high salt content of the soil or irrigation water.

Furthermore, there is the restriction on the use of phytosanitary products. Its cutback underlines the importance for plants, trees and grasses to get a well-developed root system early on, to grow into strong plants, resistant to diseases and stress.

Climate change is also taking its toll: an increased number of dying trees, flower beds that require more watering and lawns that need to be re-turfed or seeded.

A unique soil conditioning solution

So, how about a soil conditioner that increases the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil or substrate?

  • That contains growth precursors to kick start essential root growth and a mixture of fertilisers to sustain that growth?
  • And water saving polymers that release the stored water to the plant’s root system on the plant’s demand? Thus reducing drought stress and the watering frequency by 50%.

All these elements in one easy-to-use granular soil conditioner. To get stronger and healthier plants and to increase their survival rate. Additionally, it saves you costs in watering and replacement of dead plants.

A range of soil conditioners with a commercial and scientific proven track record and free of charge technical advice?

Get inspired by your peers:

  • "To improve the growing conditions"​

Peter Fabry, Public Green Spaces maintenance manager from the City of Genk, Belgium: “The urban environment offers limited free space for the trees to grow. To improve the growing conditions, TerraCottem was added to the soil mixture to increase its water and nutrient holding capacity. Despite being planted late in the season (spring) all the trees established well in their new environment with less than one per cent of the trees dying".

  • "This soil amendment gives us a near total survival guarantee"

Eric Bouton, head of Green Spaces department of the city of Calais, France and winner of the 4th flower (highest award) of The French competition Villes et Villages Fleuris: “We work with very short lead times to achieve good plant development and high quality flowering. This soil amendment gives us a near total survival guarantee. We obtained the 4th Flower this year partly thanks to the Ephemeral Garden boosted with TerraCottem. For gardens exposed to wind and sandy soil TerraCottem is a real asset for success​."

Yet you and your clients want thriving planting schemes without the worrying.

What if with a simple gesture at the time of planting, you give plants the extra help to start off the right foot instead of struggling to germinate or survive transplant shock?

TerraCottem universal is the original soil conditioner and is still the TerraCottem to use in most applications.
TerraCottem turf is the soil conditioner for all types of grass.
TerraCottem arbor is the soil conditioner for woody plants.
TerraCottem complement top-up product for flower beds after having used TerraCottem Universal. Also in horticulture.

Just mix the TerraCottem soil conditioner with the soil or substrate. Easy.

  • When? Just once, at the time of planting or prior to seeding.
  • Why? To get better plant growth. To protect plants against drought and irregular irrigation. To ensure they will survive. To make your work stand out.

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