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I am an amateur gardener

You bought a beautiful plant. Filled with illusion you repotted it in a big planter with plenty of potting soil. Or maybe you gave it a special place in your garden. But despite all the TLC your plant isn’t looking very happy. You are convinced you are doing everything right.

In the last couple of years, it has gotten warmer and drier. You can’t always keep up with all the watering your garden requires. Especially the balcony planters and pot plants. Daily watering in summer becomes a chore. Potted plants require more attention than those grown in the ground. Over time the potting soil retains less water, and the nutrients are depleted.

It’s not only the annuals and perennials with their more shallow roots and lawns that suffer from climate change. Trees are also feeling the brunt. There are times in the year when you are not even allowed to water the garden because of hose pipe bans.

Sometimes you just forget to water your plants. To compensate you over water them. Did you know that this causes stress to the plant? And if you forget to water your plants for too long it can be fatal. You know how frustrating is to end of with dead plants!

How can you protect your plants against heath and lack of water? How can you ensure that all the work you have put into your garden or balcony plants won’t go to waste? Why do your plants not thrive despite all the care you have given them?

Let’s start with a bit of science. Namely, the Law of the limiting factor. It’s based on Liebig's law of the minimum which says that:

Plant growth is controlled not by the total amount of resources available, but by the scarcest resource (limiting factor)

Liebig's law demonstrated on the model of the so-called “Liebig's barrel”.
Just as the capacity of a barrel with staves of unequal length is limited by the shortest stave, so a plant's growth is limited by the resource in shortest supply.

Here’s an example: you have an airy sandy-loamy soil with a well-balanced amount of nutrients, but it doesn’t hold enough water. What the Law says is that it’s not the airy soil and nutrients that will determine how well your plants will do. It’s actually the lack of water, the limiting factor in this case, that will stunt your plants’ growth.

So, in order to have good plant growth it’s important that all required elements are present in the soil. The main ones are: air, nutrients, micro-organisms and water.

Does this sound like too much hassle? No worries, the TerraCottem all-in-one soil conditioner is just the ticket for you. It’s a granular product that works at root level. That’s why you mix it with (potting) soil when planting or seeding. And you only need to use it once per plant.

Why all-in-one?

TerraCottem provides water, nutrients, biostimulants and air.

  • WATER. TerraCottem contains water crystals also known as polymers that store water at root level. Plant roots grow inside these polymers and take water on the plant’s demand. So, no more water stress. This action of absorbing and releasing water lasts for 8 years. It also means that if you normally water your plants every day, with TerraCottem you can do so every 2 days. Or if you go away on a short break, you don’t have to worry about watering them.
  • NUTRIENTS. TerraCottem also contains a mix of different fertilizers – soluble and slow release - to offer a constant supply of nutrients to the plants. The mixture contains sufficient nutrients for the first growing season.
  • BIOSTIMULANTS. TerraCottem’s trade secret and very important. Tiny yet powerful particles that stimulate root growth. A healthy root system means a healthy plant.
  • AIR. The lava increases the soil’s aeration and helps distribute all TerraCottem’s components evenly in the soil.

TerraCottem takes care of you and your plants.

The TerraCottem soil conditioner is a very potent product. It is used with potting soil and the soil in your garden. 100g of the product can absorb 8 litres of water. That‘s the quantity you would use for a 20 litres of potting soil, a small tree or 2 linear meters in your vegetable garden.

Protect and nurture your plants by adding TerraCottem to the (potting) soil.
Just once. And enjoy your plants, always.

  • Amateur gardener from the Liège region, Belgium

"The soil in my garden is clayish. It dries out quickly in summer. I have planted numerous shrubs with plenty of potting soil in an acidic soil: azaleas, rhododendron and almost 20 different species of Japanese maple. I have also added TerraCottem so that I don't have to water every day in case of a heat wave".

There are different soil conditioners to suit your needs for different types of plants:

TerraCottem universal TerraCottem complement TerraCottem turf TerraCottem arbor

Which TerraCottem soil conditioner will serve your purpose?

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