TerraCottem TerraCottem's value analysed and approved in the Land of the Long White Cloud

TerraCottem's value analysed and approved in the Land of the Long White Cloud

06/12/2019 - 09:25

Five projects under review on four locations more than 18,000 km away from the TerraCottem factory with only one possible outcome...

These New Zealand projects with TerraCottem are as far away from our production unit, as they can possibly be. The land of the Long White Cloud (or "Aotearoa" in Māori) refers to the typical cloud formations which helped early Polynesian navigators find the country. A few years back TerraCottem was introduced in MiddleEarth, another nickname given to the country after shooting the Lord of the Rings films in its breath-taking scenery. The TerraCottem soil conditioning technology helps establish plants in areas where plant growth is limited by factors such as compacted soil, absence of topsoil or poor soil, heat, strong winds and water availability.

Check out these 5 client evaluations sent to us by Nick Patterson, Landscape and Grower Supplies (LGS), our authorised distributor in New Zealand.

Max Jaffe - Garden X Ltd, on the "Southern Cross Hospital North Harbour project":

"Plants established quickly and growth has been very steady since the site was installed. There has been less maintenance and the cost of watering has been lowered. To date, a small number of replacement plants have been required however this is far less than we anticipated for this site considering the planting conditions."

Mike Ramsay - Greenscene BATB Ltd, on the "Weita Bay Trials":

"Compared to the control (no TerraCottem) the plants with TerraCottem have continued to grow vigorously with good terminal and lateral branch development. There is a lot of bud burst and a considerable amount of tip growth, whereas all but two or three trees have survived in the area where no TerraCottem was used."


"Plants established very quickly even with no hand watering. The area that had TerraCottem incorporated have exceeded development and establishment over plants that were planted a year earlier without TerraCottem. Many of the plants in the area where TerraCottem has not been used are struggling and many have died."

Mike Ramsay - Greenscene BATB Ltd, on the "AMP Tower project":

"Plants established strong root systems over a short period of time. The canopy cover developed within a few months of planting and the Pecomanthe began to creep up the back drop wall soon after planting."

Mike Ramsay - Greenscene BATB Ltd, on the "Boathouse Bay project":

"Plants were not watered at any point over the first 12 months with minimal loss of the initial plants. Planting in the sand area was exceptional with the imported Spinifex growing better than the local Spinifex further along the beach. Planting on the hill side has taken well despite the whole area being heavily compacted by stock tracks over many years. Exceptional plant development."

"I want to be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren."

J.R.R. Tolkien,
The Lord of the Rings

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