What is the best New Year’s resolution ever?

12/01/2022 - 11:11

To plant a tree. Why? There are many benefits to planting trees that improve our well-being.

There it is, so simple, but so good in oh so many ways!

More often than not, planting trees is viewed as an act of environmental conservation, to protect our atmosphere.
While trees’ primary goal is indeed to produce the oxygen we breathe and sequester carbon dioxide there are many benefits to planting trees that improve our well-being.

Why should you plant a tree?

  • Planting trees in urban areas help reduce stress and anxiety for the people living there.
  • You get to eat your own-grown fruit. Squeeze an orange straight from your tree.
  • Watching your tree grow over the years is satisfying. Planting a tree is also a wonderful way to commemorate an important event.
  • Planting trees is a healthy activity to involve youngsters and to teach them about nature.
  • Trees give a sense of peace and a connection with nature;
  • Trees offer shade in the Summer.

To increase tree survival rate use TerraCottem arbor, our soil conditioner that has been developed specially for tree and shrub planting.

Watch here the different methods to plant a tree.


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