How to plant a tree with TerraCottem?

30/11/2021 - 11:15

A frequently asked question, but not a straight one to answer. We all know there’s more to digging a hole in the ground and placing a tree in it, to achieve sustainable healthy tree growth. Soil conditioning is an essential part of good horticultural practice. And, several factors need to be taken into consideration to determine the optimal TerraCottem application method such as the size and number of trees to be planted, the planting method and sometimes even the previous planting experience. The equipment and available gound staff can also influence the way the TerraCottem soil conditioner is applied. Below you can watch a series of planting methods.

Different planting methods in view

How to apply TerraCottem to new plantings in various projects is described below in these videos.

A selection of planting methods

These videos illustrate how to apply TerraCottem in different planting projects from saplings to large trees.

Digging a plant hole with a spade? Fairly straightforward in case of small and limited amount of trees to be planted. There are special tree drills for quickly digging concentric plant holes.
On large plantations, automated tree planting is common practice. Although this is NOT the standard recommended TerraCottem application method, sometimes the soil conditioner is only applied at the bottom of the plant hole. This often involves a large number of young trees to be planted. E.g. on plantations.
Mixing TerraCottem into professional tree pit substrates. In an urban environment, heavier equipment is often used to dig the tree pits.

The TerraCottem soil conditioning technology can also be applied to established trees or trees
that need to be revived previously planted or older trees.

Two methods are shown below:

A number of holes are dug around the tree, which are then refilled with the treated soil. With the patented Drainjet method, a lava granulate mixed with TerraCottem soil conditioner
is injected into the root zone.

To give trees the highest chance at survival, extra care should be taken into digging the optimal plant hole.
Read more in the blog articleGood size plant hole and soil conditioning for successful tree planting”.

Often soil conditioning is the key to success. For tree planting we recommend the TerraCottem Arbor soil conditioner.
A balanced mixture of the latest generation of hydroabsorbent polymers, water-soluble humic acids, biostimulants and
tree-specific fertilisers (with a duration of up to 12 months).

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