City of Oudenaarde: loyal user of TerraCottem since 30 years

18/04/2023 - 07:41

This year TerraCottem is celebrating its 30th anniversary. It was the renowned trade fair Flanders Technology International that brought TerraCottem to the town of Oudenaarde in Belgium. It was also the early days of TerraCottem. A close collaboration of 30 years that deserves to be put in the spotlight.

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Meet Kim Van Havere, Good Urban Practice Manager at Disaghor Dockx Group in Belgium.

08/03/2023 - 00:00

An experienced and passionate roof gardening professional, Kim guides her clients in the development of public green projects, ranging from small urban roofs to large commercial projects. By using smart solutions and innovative techniques, she manages to create rooftop gardens that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable and low maintenance.

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In the spotlight: Marjon Peuteman

08/03/2023 - 00:00

For 30 years, TerraCottem is used in diverse planting projects in more than 40 countries. TerraCottem is mainly known in the professional market- Yet it is still in its infancy as far as hobby gardeners are concerned. With spring approaching and the green fingers that start to itch, we wish to change this.

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In the spotlight: Landscape architecture Vranckx

10/01/2023 - 07:54

Landscape Architecture Vranckx in Belgium recently won two accolades. Not only did they win the prestigious Flemish Landscaper 2022-2023 award in the category gardens 250-1000m². They also obtained bronze in the 1 2 Tree Award, the prize for the most beautiful tree project in the "private projects" category. Something Roeland Vranckx, as an ultimate tree lover, is rightly very proud of. We had a very pleasant chat with Roeland...

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Everything green

20/12/2022 - 10:38

COP 27 (UN's recent Climate Change Conference in Egypt) was a good time to talk about ecological restoration, afforestation and reforestation. We did so with Luis Gonzalo Moscoso Higuita, Manager and Legal Representative of the company FORESTPA S.A.S, in Colombia.

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"A visitor to a garden sees the successes, usually. The gardener remembers mistakes and losses, some for a long time, and imagines the garden in a year, and in an unimaginable future."

- W.S. Merwin

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