TerraCottem Universal

TerraCottem Universal

TerraCottem Universal is the “original” TerraCottem soil conditioner. Since it was launched 25 years ago, the product has constantly evolved with better performing polymers, fertilizers and carrier material to further enhance root and plant growth and reduce inputs. This is still the TerraCottem to use in most applications such as trees, shrubs, revegetation, annuals, perennials, roof gardens, horticulture and potting soils.


  • Tree & shrub planting
  • Reforestation and land restoration
  • Flower and shrub beds, roof gardens, lawns, etc.
  • Window boxes, hanging baskets and containers
  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture

When to apply?

  • When planting and just before seeding.

Application frequency

  • Just once.


  • Healthier plants & increased yields
  • Increased survival rate
  • Increased water retention capacity
  • Water savings up to 50%
  • Stronger & deeper root development
  • Faster & better plant establishment
  • Higher resistance to drought stress and diseases
  • Better use of fertilizers
  • Enable plant growth in degraded, saline or otherwise marginal soils
TerraCottem Universal application in tree planting.
TerraCottem Universal application in environmental restoration.
TerraCottem Universal application in reforestation.
TerraCottem Universal application in containers.
TerraCottem Universal in flower beds.
TerraCottem Universal in roof gardens.
TerraCottem Universal application in lawns.
TerraCottem Universal application in football.
TerraCottem Universal application in golf.
TerraCottem Universal application in horticulture.
The product is a dry, free flowing, powdery-to-granular mixture of cross-linked hydroabsorbent polymers, growth precursors and volcanic rock enriched with soluble, slow release and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.
The product has an absorption capacity of a minimum of 4500 g H2O/100 g in distilled water using Method of Analysis CEN EN 13041 and more than 95% of the water contained in the polymers is plant available.
TerraCottem Universal is available in: 20 kg bags, 10 kg tubs and 5 kg tubs.
For home gardeners wanting to use TerraCottem Universal when planting annuals and perennuals we recommend the 200g sachet.
Home gardeners wanting to use TerraCottem Universal in tree or shrub planting, in vegetable gardens or when seeding or laying turf, should use the 750g bottles, whose lid is also a measuring cup.
Do not put TerraCottem Universal at the bottom of the plant hole or on top of the soil.  Do mix TerraCottem Universal homogeneously with the soil prior to planting and plant with this soil mixture.

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