City of Oudenaarde: loyal user of TerraCottem since 30 years

18/04/2023 - 07:41

This year TerraCottem is celebrating its 30th anniversary. It was the renowned trade fair Flanders Technology International that brought TerraCottem to the town of Oudenaarde in Belgium. It was also the early days of TerraCottem. A close collaboration of 30 years that deserves to be put in the spotlight.

In all those years, TerraCottem has been used in a wide variety of projects throughout this historic town: flower meadows in the cemetery, tree planting during the reconstruction of the market place, planting of climate trees in the various boroughs to name a few.

With persistent droughts and increased temperatures, the use of our water-saving soil conditioner is no luxury. That’s why TerraCottem is also incorporated into the potting soil for the flower towers and window boxes which can be admired on the magnificent facade of the late Gothic town hall, around the many historical buildings or along the Scheldt River. Also in the open ground at all the floral projects that can be admired throughout the city.

City of Oudenaarde's flower and green policies have also received several awards.

  • In 2019, it was voted Green & Flower Municipality of Flanders and also won the gold medal at the European floral competition "Entente Florale Europe".
  • In 2022, the city won the "International Landscaping Protection, Planning and Design AWARD" in the International competition "Communities in Bloom".

Stefaan De Smet, City of Oudenaarde’s horticultural officer:

TerraCottem is an ideal tool for the city of Oudenaarde where human labour is supported by technology. Its use in our tree planting and care for our flowers ultimately results in a more economical and sustainable green management.

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